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Showtimes is a mobile application for short video sharing platform. Users can shoot short videos of no more than 30 seconds, and show their personal talents through original and second-created short videos, allowing you to become a creative creator. Showtimes will make auditions for movies in the future, and your movies will create opportunities for you to become a star of tomorrow.

"Times of KOL Awards"

Is an award ceremony that recognizes and rewards the influencers from the social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram in Malaysia. This reward serves to celebrate and acknowledge the endeavours and contributions made by influencers in Malaysia which have impacted the community in so many positive ways. Times of KOL Awards is also THE FIRST EVER INFLUENCER AWARDS in Malaysia as no such event has been conducted previously. Nomination will be done by our partnering companies and a total of 100 winners will be selected from 25 awards categories.

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To celebrate, recognize and accredit well-known and emerging influencers for their talents and contribution to the online community

To provide networking opportunities for government representatives, NGOs, brands, PR companies and influencers

To promote influencer marketing industry and create new business opportunities to ensure continuous growth of the industry in Malaysia


To become the strongest enabler for influencers to achieve their dreams while driving the growth of influencer marketing industry in Malaysia


Recognize and honor well known and emerging influencers on social media while providing networking opportunities for government representatives, NGOs, brands, PR companies and influencers

Nomination Process & Procedures

Top media and PR companies will be invited by Times of KOL Awards organizing committee to nominate talented and impactful influencers to compete in the contest. There will be two main groups of influencers competing in the contest: well-known and emerging influencers. Companies are invited to nominate a total of 4 influencers for both groups of influencers for each awards category based on their engagement with followers. 400 finalists and 100 winners with the highest votes will be selected and a total of 100 awards will be presented to all winners from 25 awards categories with each category comprising 4 winners (well-known & emerging influencers for respective gender). All finalists will be invited to attend the awards ceremony and the winners will be announced during the ceremony.

Group A: Well-known Influencers

50,000 and above followers on social media by 16 February 2022

Group B: Emerging Influencers

10,000 to 49,999 followers on social media by 16 February 2022

Event Schedule


Open for Nominations

Nominations by companies who received invitation by Times of KOL Awards organizing committee


Nomination Deadline

Nomination closes and all nominations received after the deadline will be strictly rejected


Award Finalists Announcement

400 finalists will be selected through nomination committee voting process


Awards Ceremony

Winners will be announced and a total of 100 awards will be presented to all 100 winners

Rewards for Winners

All winners will receive a one-of-a-kind, specially handcrafted award as recognition for their efforts and contributions across social media. On top of that, they will also stand higher chance to be offered:

1. Movie casting opportunity
2. YouTube channel cooperation opportunities
3. Opportunity to enter Hong Kong market
4. Become the designated KOL to vote for the most influential brand
5. Personal page

Awards Category

  • Makeup Influencer of the Year
  • Hair Influencer of the Year
  • Crossdresser of the Year
  • Modeling Influencer of the Year
  • Fashionista of the Year
  • Food Reviewer of the Year
  • “Mukbang” Influencer of the Year
  • Cooking Influencer of the Year
  • Recipe Creator of the Year
  • Food Blogger of the Year
  • Content Creator of the Year
  • Singing Influencer of the Year
  • Dance Influencer of the Year
  • Acting Influencer of the Year
  • Cosplay Influencer of the Year
  • Gaming Influencer of the Year
  • Art Influencer of the Year
  • Travel Influencer of the Year
  • Photography Influencer of the Year
  • Fitness Influencer of the Year
  • Linguistics Influencer of the Year
  • Financial Influencer of the Year
  • Knowledge Influencer of the Year
  • NGO Influencer of the Year
  • Entrepreneur of the Year

Events Involved


The Narrow Road

Supporting Organization

Asian Film Awards Academy

Awards Winner

Hong Kong Most Valuable Corporate Awards 2021
2021 香港最有价值企业大奖

Showtimes’ Past Events


Jun 2021


Laugh-A-Minute Joke (Malaysia)

Laugh-A-Minute Joke contest, the first event organized by Showtimes in Malaysia was held in the midst of the Movement Control Order in 2021. The main objective of the contest was to spread joy and laughter during the unprecedented times where many were facing struggles from different aspects of life. Through the contest, Showtimes also aims to discover new talents and serve as a stepping stone for more talented young Malaysians to pursue their dreams or aspirations.


Oct 2021


2021 Movies Era

Malaysia is a country of great talents but often lacks a platform to showcase one’s talents. Movies Era organized by Showtimes aims to provide a platform to enable those who want to enter the film industry in Malaysia but have no prior experience in film production to realize their film production dream through the project funding. Showtimes aim to help these talented Malaysians to take their first step in turning a script into a watch-worthy micro-movie.

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