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2021 1st Micro-Film Original Script Funding Program (Comedy)


The best screenplay will receive a 50,000 HKD filming subsidy bonus

Does the movie have filmmakers first and then movies? Will there be an audience before a movie? A movie must be seen in a cinema to be called a movie? The answer is to look at you! The world has changed, and movies will not decline, only the un-evolved mindset will decline. Only with changes can movies continue to spread around the world in a new form. Movies are influence. Movies are the stage where stars are born. Our ShowTimes hopes to contribute to the world film industry

Penny Yau

ShowTimes Founder

The 1st Micro-Film Original Script Funding Scheme


The First Stage
Submit The Application Form

Character introduction


Second stage

Finalists announced


The third stage
Announce winning results

Announce winning results


Final stage
Submit completed work

Works released

Before 30/11/2022

Comedy Reference

The Eagle Shooting Heroes

Dragon Loaded 2003

King of Comedy

Script-the script of a drama

Indispensable to a movie is the screenwriter. The famous screenwriter Steven Spielberg once said, “If you only show the audience, the audience is hard to be pleased; but if you give them a good story, they are easily satisfied.


Lam Wing Sum, Li Yuan, Xu Yimeng (Better Days)


Felix Tsang, Kiwi Chow (Beyond the Dream)

Ray Yeung(Suk Suk)

Heiward Mak Hei-yan(Fagara)

ShowTimes -「Films Era」

Announcement of winning entries

It will be announced later, so stay tuned…



Aug 2021



Jun 2021

笑Joke一Fun鐘 (馬來西亞站) 已完結


Oct 2021

【電影時代已截止報名】 感謝過百位參賽者的熱烈支持!

Hong Kong Director's Quotes

    Johnnie To Kei Fung

    When I make a movie, I just hope that the movie will have a longer lifespan. It will be watched in fifty or a hundred years. It has nothing to do with the box office or awards.

      Wong Jing

      All the people who are funny in movies are stuffy in life. Chaplin, Zhou Xingchi and him all conform to this theorem.

        Andrew Lau

        Making movies is the same as life, I think there is no problem. There are ups and downs in life, and it is impossible for every movie to be up. It is possible that the downswing is an opportunity for us to reflect on ourselves, and reflect on how we should shoot in-depth things.

        Notes on works

        Entries are original and published

        No infringement of any third party's right of harm or privacy

        The same work has been entered in other competitions, the organizer accepts to use the same work to enter the competition again.

        No obscene or indecent, images or slanderous elements, religious and political propaganda, violent, fascinating language and behavior

        Do not involve any other brand commercial promotion





        story content


        Team execution

        Now accepting applications

        Application Deadline: 10/11/2021

        Terms and conditions

        Before participating in the competition, please read carefully, fully understand the content of each clause, and be willing to abide by the relevant competition rules. Any work that violates the rules of the competition, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify it.

        Based on the principles of fairness and justice, the “Film. Times” contest selects high-quality original micro-film works in Hong Kong. The following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “terms and rules”) are formulated and implemented. ShowTimes will be your contracting subject and data controller .

        Participants voluntarily participate in the deadline to be held on October 8, 2021. Once the application form is submitted, it indicates that you have agreed to fully understand and fully accept these terms and conditions.

        1. Hong Kong residents who have reached the age of 18 can participate in this program.

        2. The entry should be the original work of the participant, and any plagiarism, infringement of the rights of any third party, and publicly published entries will not be accepted. If necessary, the entrant must obtain all approvals for the work from a third party.

        3. Individuals or groups can report. If the contestants are registered in the form of a group, the maximum group size is 5 people, and the director of the work shall submit the application form as a representative.

        1. Entry time: The deadline for submitting application forms for this year’s program is at 23:59 Hong Kong time on October 8, 2021. Applications received after the deadline and time, to ensure fairness, will not be accepted and will not be able to continue to apply, change or delete your work.

        2. Selection mechanism: The work uploaded by each participant will be reviewed by the staff, and the work that has passed the review will be eligible to win the prize. All the works reviewed will be selected by the planning committee and jury based on the concept of the work, whether the work meets the standards of comedy, whether the information is positive and socially meaningful, etc., and enter the final selection, and then the final selection by the jury. The organizer will announce the winners afterwards. The result is the final decision. The organizer does not accept any complaints.

        1. The organizer has the legal rights to use all entries provided in this plan.

        2. The copyright of the winning entries belongs to the organizer. The organizer has the right to use it on ShowTimes social applications or related cooperation platforms and units to develop, distribute, sell or use it for commercial purposes in any way. Promotion of the service in any marketing/distribution scenario (covering all media and all carriers, including but not limited to the Internet, mobile Internet, corporate website, APP, Facebook, Instagram, posters and other dynamic and graphic carriers, as well as product or service related promotion activities ) Or authorize its partners to use the aforementioned methods without informing the entrants of the corresponding works. When the entrant fully fulfills the provisions of these terms and conditions, the winner agrees to authorize the winning work to the organizer for corresponding work derivation, such as making his work into a modified version.

        3. Participants should have independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyrights of their works when participating in the competition; the entries submitted by the participants must not be authorized for commercial use by parties other than ShowTimes (regardless of paid or unpaid), and must be original by the participant , Not to plagiarize or misappropriate the works of others, and the copyright has not been transferred to others. It should also ensure that the works submitted by it do not infringe any third party’s rights including intellectual property rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, and privacy rights. For any related disputes caused by violation of the above guarantees, all legal responsibilities shall be borne by the participants themselves, and have nothing to do with the organizer and the organizer of the event. The organizer has the right to request the participants to return the work obtained from the organizer and its affiliates based on the entry All bonuses and benefits of the company, and the possible losses to the organizer and its affiliates will be investigated.

        1. Once the work is submitted during the competition period, it will be deemed that the participant agrees to and abides by the relevant regulations of the competition. If the participant submits the entry for intellectual property disputes during the competition or commercial application, the legal responsibility shall be borne by the participant himself.

        2. During the competition period, participants are not allowed to transfer or authorize their entries to any third party, otherwise the organizer reserves the right to cancel their qualifications for participation and awards.

        3. During the competition, the organizer and cooperating unit have the right to display, report, publicize and use in marketing activities for all entries. Participants are obliged to actively cooperate with the organizer and cooperating unit’s market activities. All marketing activities should retain the author’s right The right of authorship of his works. If the award-winning author fails or waives the obligation to perform the related copyright transfer or authorize the use of the organizer and cooperating units, it shall be deemed to have voluntarily waived the corresponding awards and bonuses.

        4. If you have any doubts about this plan, please contact the organizer for consultation.

        1. All bonuses announced by the organizer in this plan are pre-tax bonuses, and the specific bonus amount is subject to the amount announced on the official website.

        2. Award-winning works must comply with the production specifications promulgated by the organizer to be eligible for corresponding bonuses. Participants who refuse to perform will be deemed to have voluntarily given up the corresponding awards and bonuses.

        1. Any dispute arising from or related to these terms and conditions shall be settled through friendly negotiation.

        2. These terms and conditions will take effect from the day the contestants confirm their agreement to sign these terms and conditions online, and are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and interpreted by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Disputes arising from such clauses will be handled in accordance with the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts. Participants are not allowed to post or upload any form of illegal information such as reactionary, pornographic, violent, terrorist, etc. Works that violate applicable laws and regulations, or works that the organizer believes to disrupt social order or public morals, will be disqualified.

        3. Participants confirm and sign these terms and conditions online, it is deemed that the participants agree to participate in this program, and agree that their nicknames, photos, portraits, resumes, and entries can be used for the organizer’s related publicity activities. The specific publicity scope is as follows: All media and all media, including but not limited to the Internet, mobile Internet, corporate website, APP, Facebook, Instagram, posters and other dynamic and print media, and offline activities related to the plan, no additional remuneration, and also agree to the organizer Announce the nicknames of the winners, unless otherwise agreed in this agreement.

        4. You agree and acknowledge that the personal information provided is true and valid, including your name, contact phone number, email address and mailing address, for the organizer to contact you and issue bonuses. The organizer collects and processes your personal information only for the above purposes and within the scope permitted by applicable laws. Please ensure that the personal information provided is complete and accurate. After announcing the award information, the organizer will contact the winners to verify their registration information. If the prizes cannot be issued due to incomplete or incorrect personal information of the winners, the winners will be deemed to have waived their right to win the prizes, and the organizer will not reissue the prizes.

        5. If the organizer or authorized user needs to develop, produce, sell and other commercial uses of the entries, the contestant is required to issue a separate written permission for the copyright of the works that the organizer has obtained through these terms and conditions, and the contestant needs to assist in cooperation .

        6. Participants signing these terms and conditions shall be deemed to have recognized all the rules and declarations of the organizer for this plan (including these terms and conditions and the agreements, declarations and other online and offline agreement rules mentioned in these terms and conditions).

        7. This project does not charge any fees or return any entries, and only accept electronic submissions. If the work is not successfully submitted or approved due to the reason of the contestant, all losses and consequences shall be borne by the contestant.

        8. Works that do not comply with the rules of this year’s plan cannot be awarded. Even if such works are shortlisted or awarded, the organizer still reserves the right to disqualify them from being shortlisted or awarded. The organizer has the right to withdraw bonuses, certificates and other rights granted, and publish relevant information on its official website and other media.

        9. Although ShowTimes will do its best to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the ShowTimes website or other ShowTimes social applications, ShowTimes does not make any guarantees or representations regarding the accuracy, correctness, reliability or other aspects of such information, and We are not responsible for any omissions or errors in the content (including but not limited to typographical errors and technical errors).

        10. The organizer will arrange the distribution of bonuses on the day of the end of the competition, and the specific distribution subject will be determined by the organizer.

        11. Participants should provide valid bank account number and other information within the time specified by the organizer, and the place of residence should be Hong Kong, China. If the participant fails to provide a valid bank account in accordance with the aforementioned requirements within the specified time, the participant is deemed to have waived the bonus, but it does not prevent the organizer and its affiliates from having the right to use their entries in accordance with these terms and conditions.

        12. The participant agrees that the organizer has the right to terminate the plan after notifying the participant by email 7 days in advance.

        13. If the organizer will make adjustments to these terms and conditions (including major changes, etc.) and the adjustments will have a significant impact on your rights and obligations, the organizer will notify you through appropriate means. We recommend that you review these terms and conditions regularly to ensure that you are aware of any such adjustments made by ShowTimes. If you continue to participate after the relevant adjustments are released, you are deemed to fully agree and accept the relevant adjustments and updates of the organizer, and are willing to accept its legal constraints.

        Competition Results

        The list of winners will be announced on this website and IG (@myshowtimes). Winning teams/participants will also receive email notifications of the winners. If there is any change, please pay attention to the latest news of the update of this website. This plan will not be notified separately.

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